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Frozen Moments!
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The Holiday Season is absolutely a favorite time of year for me. My siblings and I grew up with many traditions from the “old country,” many hours in church, community service and a lot of family bonding! I guess it was the right thing for my parents to do for us because we are all doing the same thing voluntarily as adults (although I don’t spend quite as much time in church as I did as a child but I am thrilled the services are in English now! They did not offer “Slavic” as an elective language in any school I attended as child.

Sometimes don’t you wish you could just freeze a moment in time? This holiday was one of those for me. My children ( photo with my husband and me on Christmas Eve) have blossomed into such nice people and my parents and extended family are all healthy and doing fine. There are 34 of us, all very close, so in many ways, it is a bit of a miracle!

My husband and brothers-in-law even let me dress them up like Moms on the Move (I’ll post that on my blog tomorrow) for our New Year Eve party. I always enlist my family and some talented friends to perform this night which always turns out to be a hoot!

New year’s Day we all sat around the table eating leftovers and laughing at the guys while they complained about having to dig our guest’s cars out of the mud at 4am, New Year’s Eve night because it rained for the past two days. (Sometimes it does pay to be a girl! This was one of the times!)

So I relished in that moment and thanked God ALOT for the blessings I was given this year.

Today, however, I learned that my friend’s 17 year old niece, who has an uncanny resemblance to my friend, was just killed in a terrible auto accident. The driver was DUI. A parent’s worst nightmare! So, today my thoughts are with Kathie and her family and so may family who face tremendous challenges in 2007.

The sadness and pain around us and in this world is tremendous and we need to pay attention to how best in this year of 2007, we can use our own power to make other people’s lives better.

And if we are making other people’s lives better, even if it is only one person, than when we do take those moments to celebrate, it has so much more meaning.

Love, Love, Love this Year of 2007!

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Hi Linda-
Merry Christmas! I sent an idea about a friend of mine with celiac disease to your site. So happy for your success! Tell me when you go public-I'm in!
Bernadette Clay

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